Gold Office Accessories

If you’ve always wanted to make your desk shine and never knew what to do or what to put on your desk. Well, you’ve come to the right place. You can glam up your boring black or putty desk accessories by adding gold offices accessories to make your desk pop and be all the rave of the office. Now you can toss the putty and replace your desk accessories with gold. I will show you how to create a beautiful out of this world desk using gold office accessories. Decide what color scheme you would like to use with your gold accessories. Gold is a neutral color, so any color you choose will coordinate very well. Using gold office accessories to decorate your home or work office will make your desk have the best interior style. Choosing an alternating color like teal, pink or the color of your choice to coordinate with your gold is a plus and will make your accessories pop.



By using simple objects like gold handled scissors which are very popular and all the rave, can give your desk that sparkle and shine while cutting paper in style.  A clear glass or acrylic jar can be used to store gold and white binder clips in. To keep your paper clips in check, consider a small gold jar or beautiful gold soap dish to store it in. A small tone color spiral note is stylish and easy to transport to meeting. Add a color binder to coordinate with your office decor and keep you organized as well. Placing a gold pen and color coordinated pen or pencil will also add style. Remember keep your desk free of clutter and organized to let your and let your gold shine. Soon you will be on your way to creating a outstanding stylish desk with glamour and style.

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10 AMAZING! Tray Decor Ideas

IMG_3697Trays can be used anywhere around the home for fabulous Home Decor. Try using trays on the kitchen counter or island to displays coffee cups and beautiful coffee pots within hands reach. Having guest? Using a tray to store plates, bowls, cups and silverware. A tray is an awesome way to display bar accessories, hair, spa, make-up or jewelry. The possibilities are endless. So go ahead…get creative and don’t forget to double your decor power!


IMG_4035 IMG_1741 IMG_1730 IMG_1728 IMG_4427 IMG_4423 IMG_4419

A mirror can be double duty as a tray.






A tray can be used as a spa tray.






Display your gorgeous tea cups and pots on a tray.





Display beautiful towels.



Add Jewelry to a tray.





Serve your favorite dishes on a tray.

IMG_3555IMG_3742 Get creative and place a tray in each room in your home displaying a candle scape, a dinnerware scape, a spa scape, Jewelry scape, Perfume scape, scarf scape, this list can go on and on…you get the picture.



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5 Tips to Double Duty your Cart!


Got Cart?…Set it up!

A bar cart can be used in many ways…here are just a few:

Tip #1 Use your bar cart as a moveable bar for anywhere in your home. Use gorgeous bar towels, sparkling old fashion glasses, shiny gold champagne flutes for a sexy bar cart.IMG_6654

Tip #2 Need extra serving space? Set up your bar cart with additional dinner plates, flatware and drinking cups




Tip #3 Go buffet style with your bar cart as a extra buffet set-up.



Tip #4 Turn you bar cart into a spa cart…Place your fave bath accessories,
towels and lotions to give your spa cart a personal touch.





Tip #5 Glam up your bar cart as an extra place to store jewelry, perfumes and accessories.








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Insiders guide to home accessorizing

Always wanted your home to look like the beautiful ones you see online or in the magazines. Where heres how:

IMG_3008Step #1 Choose a light and airy wall color

Step # 2 Float furniture in the middle of the room

Step #3 Minimize the clutter




Step #4 Use wall art as your focal points



Step #5 Use area rugs to define an area





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